Comments received from various participants at Camp Fareta

"I traveled all the way from New Zealand especially for Camp Fareta and it was so worth it. It was even better than I'd hoped. Super well organised, it managed to combine a professional and studious atmosphere with a friendly, relaxed, holiday-like vibe.

By just watching the advanced dancers and especially, by seeing Youssouf dance live in person, I learned so much about how African dance can be done. I had my eyes opened. I learned about the shoulders, head, hips and hands and relaxing the whole body. I am still absorbing it and reflecting on it and have been trying to incorporate it in my dance since."

– a first-time participant from New Zealand

"The teachers here are pretty much the world's best dancers and drummers. You couldn't find them anywhere else, and to be able to come somewhere and have a really intense program with all of those teachers is just unheard of. That's why Camp Fareta is so unique and so special and why we travel all that way to come here."

– one member of a group that comes regularly from Australia

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