Comments received from various participants at Camp Fareta 2008

One does not need to go to West Africa for the traditional experience - It happens at Camp Fareta.

The food was AMAZING! Don't change a thing!

I thought the environment was LOVELY. I came all by myself and did not know a soul and left with a ton of email addresses and phone numbers of wonderful people. I had a lot of fun.

I feel like my dancing went to another level after attending camp. I feel as if I were able to grasp the "intent" of the moves and the dance rather than just memorize steps. It was very inspiring.

I loved the food!! One of the main reasons for coming to camp. How often does someone cook for you and do the dishes? And you don't even have to decide what to have! I love the fact that it is healthy and ORGANIC (when possible).

The environment was very enriching and passionate. There is so much warmth and genuine feelings of comfort and respect for each other.

I was very glad to participate in beginner classes; it really gave a good foundation for the future.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! It just keeps getting better! The passion and the energy from the camp is infectious and stays with you for many months after that.

The vibe is getting more and more like a village.

Love the vibe – clean, clear, loving energy!

Every dance class was a highlight…and the chef’s special “unveiling” the last night!

I feel in love with all of my friends again. This is priceless. No matter what, I have made connections for a lifetime now. My life is richer for this.

This year I thought that all of the drum instruction was great…last year was good, this year was great. This year, Noah taught a “last minute” drum technique class…he did a very good job teaching what most people do not want to teach. I hope that he teaches it again next year.