Comments received from various participants at Camp Fareta 2007

From a drum teacher who lives in Fresno:
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my students and I appreciated your help and flexibility regarding the djembe camp. We learned a LOT about how all of this works, and we have already been able to begin to incorporate what we learned. My students now have at least a small vision, and a lot more motivation for what djembe drumming can be.

This experience will also make Wadaba’s classes even more meaningful to me :>) Thanks again for a GREAT camp!! I hope it happens again next year!!!

From a dancer who lives in Seattle:
Thank you so much for all of your hard work towards a wonderful camp. I had a terrific experience. And intend to return next year. I will hopefully next year bring my son for a few days of camp so he can do some drumming as well.

I loved the location. The cabins were perfect. The food was outstanding. I would return just for that alone.

The quality of teaching was unsurpassable. The Africans were so committed to our learning and to expressing their culture by the fire etc... What a beautiful gift from them! The beginners classes made the camp for me. Without them, I would have been completely overwhelmed.

From an advanced drummer who lives in Texas:
Camp was awesome. Absolutely superb. Fareta camp is the only way I know to experience immersion in djembe culture without going to Guinea. There's nowhere else to get that much exposure to the very highest level artists in such a beautiful and healthy environment. Fareta camp is one of the highlights of my year.

We basically had the majority of USA's Guinea drum talent accompanying dance class. You really can not get a better ensemble than Fode, M'Bemba, Mangue, Bolokada, Karamba, Wadaba, Malé, and... did I leave anyone out? Any two or three of them could hold a class together, but instead there were usually five, plus me and a few others.

From a dancer who came to Camp Fareta for the first time:
I learned a lot at camp. Every teacher told us the name of the dance, the country it is from, the people who dance it, and the purpose of the dance. I also learned a lot about rhythms and their different names. I also really enjoyed the question and answer activity we did one night around the fire. People had great questions, I learned a lot from it. The teachers were a wealth of knowledge for me, I wish that I wrote it all down!

From an advanced dancer who lives in Oakland:
I was really impressed by the unpretentiousness of everyone at the camp, and everyone making an effort to be kind to one another. I've been at many camps and that's not always the case.

From a dancer who lives in Los Angeles, who came to camp with her young son:
It was the most amazing and enriching experience in my life. My son had a blast with the kids, the adults, and the artists. The food was freshly prepared and delicious! I met some wonderful people with warm hearts and deep souls. Thank you again for the energy and good vibes. See you again next year!!! Peace and love to all of you!

From an advanced drummer from Santa Cruz:
I was high the entire time I was there pretty much. Nice people all around and a very pleasant vibe. Playing for the camp Saturday night by the fire was a lot of fun.

The overall atmosphere was very pleasant. I met a lot of very nice people. All the artists were very approachable and willing to talk about whatever you wanted to know about: culture, dance, rhythms, ballet etc. It was also nice to be able to jam with the other drummers at night and have dancers there to dance for us as well. That’s great training for drummers.

From a dancer attending camp for the first time:
Everyone was so friendly. There weren't any attitudes or divas... Thank God!!! I was totally comfortable. I was so so so very happy that the food was organic. Thank you so much!!! The selection and quantity was beautiful.

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