Comments received from various participants at Camp Fareta 2011

Everyone I spoke to was ecstatic by the end of the week. I believe that Camp Fareta operates with the heart and soul of an African VillageÖall who come and fall in love with it will feel compelled to keep the vision alive.

The camp is the highlight of my year. Iím already planning for next!

I left Camp Fareta feeling inspired, moved and ready to go back into my community and continue my work of educating and building the community of dancers and drummers where I live.

VERY GOOD VIBES!! Much good energy and a lot of "Happy Campers."

Conferences do not compare with a camp. At conferences people dance/drum together in classes but go back to their hotels and often group up with friends to eat meals etc. At a camp everyone is available to each other while doing things, 24/7. One meets new people as well as reconnecting with some that you have not seen in a while.

As a drummer I found all the advanced classes good. I particularly liked the Adv/Professional class by Mamady.

I enjoyed all the classes so much...the teachers are literally world class. I had at least 10 high points, at least one for every class I took.

Love, love, love the food. Healthy, yummy and abundant. Unbelievably good as usual, and diverse enough for all types of diets.

A loving, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Opportunities to meet people from all over the place.

The overall atmosphere was one of respect and trust.

The food was excellent. Iím one of the vegetarians, and there was enough vegetarian food and it was heartyónot just salad.

Smiles for miles! New friends for life!!

I feel I learned quite a bit. The advanced drum classes with Mamady were definitely advanced which was nice.

Thereís no comparison between Camp and a conference. Camp is more immersion; itís not Africa, but itís closer to it than a conference IMO.

I learned so much but most of all it was the sense of community.