Bring the grace and power of master dancer Youssouf Koumbassa to your home!

Wongai 1 and 2 are instructional videos.
  • Wongai 1 includes these rhythms: Sofa, Soli, Yankadi, Coucou, and Lamban.

  • Wongai 2 includes these rhythms: Triba, Sinté, Guinea Faré, Sorsoner, and Doundounba.

Landouma Faré is the beautiful story of Youssouf's journey to learn about the dances of his father's people, the Landouma.

Kooyinma shows an exciting performance by Les Ballets Bagata, the dance company Youssouf led in New York in the 1990s. Dances include Yankady, Coucou, Soko, Sorsorner, Doundounba, and Sofa.

Prices, including U.S. shipping:

$30 for one DVD + $10 shipping = $40
$55 for two DVDs + $10 shipping = $65
$80 for three DVDs + $10 shipping = $90
$100 for four DVDs + $10 shipping = $110

If you are purchasing two of the Wongai instructional videos, you are welcome to add the documentary (Landouma Fare) and/or the Kooyinma performance video (which shows the names of the rhythms and dances as they are being performed) for $10 each, with no additional postage.

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