Camp Fareta Work Exchange

Camp Fareta needs you! We need your help to make camp run smoothly, and several kinds of work-exchange positions are available. Most entail working in the dining hall, cleaning up after meals, and there are some positions available in Kids Camp. Most jobs will be 3-4 hours per day and will involve missing some class time. Kitchen work will be compensated at $13/hour off the camp fee for new campers and $15/hour for returning work-exchange campers. Kids Camp counselors get a bigger discount but also miss more class time. Please note it’s easiest for us to put you in the work-exchange schedule if you will be attending the full week of camp.

Please email (even if you've done work-exchange in the past) with information about your experience working with children, or in a commercial kitchen, or if you have a lifeguard certification, nursing degree, or other special skills or resources you can bring to camp and any other information you think would be helpful for us to know. And if you have a large vehicle and are a good driver, let us know -- we could give you a job driving the shuttle!