Travel Options and Shuttles to Camp Fareta

If you’re coming to camp from far-off lands, whether New York or Japan, the nearest airport is in Fresno, which is a little over an hour's drive from camp. We will provide a shuttle to camp from the Fresno Airport on the date camp begins at approximately 2 pm and leaving camp at approximately 2pm on the last day of camp. The shuttle fee is $25 each way for those days and times.

Most other shuttle trips (even if you intended to take a different shuttle but your flight changed due to circumstances beyond your control) will incur a $40 fee per person. If you are the only person arriving at a particular time but someone else is arriving an hour later, you may have to wait; with only one shuttle vehicle and a 3-hour round trip, it's not feasible for us to do two separate shuttle runs. If you have a flight arriving after 7pm or before 9am, or leaving camp after 8pm or before 10am, and we have a shuttle driver who is willing to drive at those hours, that fee is $60. Please read the section below.

Please note: We cannot guarantee a same-day shuttle for anyone with a flight arriving into Fresno after 8pm, and we cannot guarantee that we can get you to the Fresno Airport in time for a flight that leaves before 10am. This will have to be worked out as we get close to camp and see what the overall shuttle schedule is and how crazy our shuttle drivers are feeling. You might need to head to the airport in a much earlier shuttle if you have a late departure, and you might need to find a hotel in Fresno the night before a very early departure.

Please let us know your flight plans when you register online (online registration includes a shuttle form), or fill out the shuttle information form if you prefer to mail in your forms. We understand that when you sign up online, you might not have booked your flight yet; please understand that it is your responsibility to remember to get your shuttle information to us, preferably more than a week before camp starts. We will be dealing with a million other details the week before camp, and we might not notice that you did not send us your shuttle information. Also if we don't get your shuttle information until the last minute, you may have to wait a lot longer to get a shuttle because we will have already created our shuttle lists and the early shuttles might be full.

Many airlines fly into Fresno. Depending on your location and times of travel, it could be cheaper to fly into Oakland, San Francisco, or Los Angeles and share a rental car with friends. Make a real vacation of it and see more of California!