Camp Fareta Program

The program includes two or three dance class periods and two or three drum class periods per day (aside from the first and last days). Other classes, including singing, balafon (if there is enough interest), and dundun dance, will be offered as well. Youssouf Koumbassa will teach a dance class almost every day. There will also be yoga most mornings before breakfast for those early-bird types.

There will be at least one beginner-level dance class every day, and there will be multiple levels of drum classes, depending on what participants request when they register. The higher registration is, the more classes we will add at different levels, but please note that Camp Fareta is not designed for drum students who are at a very beginner level.

After dinner, when we are not having an evening class, there will be fire circles with drumming, dancing, and story-telling, plus other activities such as the Camp Fareta talent show and the ever-popular Club Fareta.

Dance class

Drum class

Evening fire circle