Health Policies, Precautions, and Recommendations

Most important! Within 24 hours before leaving your home to come to camp, please get tested for Covid-19. Take a photo of your result with your face or your driver's license, and email it to .

And now onto the rest of the important stuff:

  • Be care-ful and limit any possible exposures to Covid-19 for one week before your date of arrival at camp. We recommend that everyone be vaccinated and boosted, because that's what research says is safest, but vaccination is not required for Camp Fareta 2022.
  • Please do not come to camp if you feel sick, even if you know that it is not Covid-19.
  • Anyone cancelling attendance at the last minute due to possible illness (with a note signed by a doctor) will receive a refund minus a $100 processing fee and contribution toward food costs or a credit toward a future event with only a $50 processing fee.
  • Each person at camp is free to wear a mask or keep a distance from others if they choose.
  • Please test about five days after returning home, and then let us know if you tested positive, so we can inform others. Testing after you return home is especially important to do before you interact with vulnerable populations.