Camp Fareta Menu

Our professional cooks, including a former chef from Esalen, will prepare a wide variety of delicious meals, using organic ingredients whenever possible. The menu will include some West African dishes, with help from our artists! There will be vegetarian options at every meal, as well as fish and meat. Three meals a day plus snacks will be provided. Special diets (vegan, no wheat, etc.) can be accommodated; please specify your needs on your registration form.

“The food was FANTABULISTIC!”

“Wow, that was AMAZING camp food!”

“The food was outstanding. I would return just for that alone.”

“I was so so so very happy that the food was organic. Thank you so much!!!  The selection and quantity was beautiful.”

“I loved the food, I REALLY LOVED the African food.”

“The food was awesome!”

“The food provided at camp Fareta was excellent, catering to a wide variety of dietary needs.”

“Truly, the food was unbelievably yummy!!!”

“AWESOME!!!! Hearty, warm, nutritious and delicious!”

“The food was freshly prepared and delicious!”

“The chef is amazing. It is a highlight.”

“The meals were excellent - quality and quantity. The variety was great.”

“I loved the food!! One of the main reasons for coming to camp. How often does someone cook for you and do the dishes? And you don't even have to decide what to have! I love the fact that it is healthy and ORGANIC (when possible).”

“The food was AMAZING! Don't change a thing!”

“The food was unbelievable!!!! The quality and selection was appreciated. Keep up the great job with the organic food! Our bodies appreciated it! ”

“The food was was excellent! I felt so good during and after camp... trying to keep up that lifestyle back home now.”

Cooking in the kitchen